Harmonica Lessons

Doing What You Always Wanted: Sign Up for Harmonica Lessons

The best part of being able to play harmonica is that it can go with you almost anywhere! Sign up for harmonica lessons with Sternberg Music Lessons and always have a little music in your pocket. Have fun with your friends at the campfire, while waiting in line at a big event, or even while taking a walk in the park. There is always a great time to sing a little song, dance a little jig, and play some music.

Fun and Flexible Music Lessons Near Me

Steve Sternberg is located in Tallahassee, FL, and offers music lessons for his neighbors of all ages and to folks around the world.  For his very youngest students, he recommends piano or keyboard lessons, but your middle schooler is perfectly able to pick up the mouth organ. The student will read harmonica tablature, the simple notation for learning songs.  After just a few short weeks, they will be playing their first folk song.

Remote Options Available with a Live and Interactive Instructor

Right now it can be hard to meet up for a lesson in person. That is why Steve is offering private music lessons via Skype or Zoom for his students. This isn't a recorded lesson, but one where the student performs, Steve provides tips on how to improve, and a goal is set for the following week. The whole family can start singing along with the new harmonica player in the house!

There are no long term contracts. Click or call to schedule your first lesson and pay for just one month at a time. It is a great way to see if harmonica lessons are a good fit for your budding musician. Call Sternberg Music Lessons today and sign up for your free trial lesson!