Music Lessons For Adults

Expand Your Horizons with Music Lessons for Adults

Do you have some free time this year and want to finally learn how to play the piano or maybe the saxophone? Sternberg Music Lessons offers private tuition for students of all ages from 5 right up to 95. Take advantage of your time at home and sign up for a weekly 30 to 60-minute lesson. Before you know it, you will be playing a familiar tune and ready to learn so much more.

Online Music Lessons Fit into Your Busy Schedule

Steve Sternberg has been helping students of all ages learn to read sheet music and play an instrument for nearly 30 years. He adjusts the curriculum for music lessons for adults to accommodate your ability to read instruction manuals and properly practice on your own time. By the end of the first month, you will be playing simple tunes while learning to read notes on a staff and understand the structure of basic music pieces.

Personalized Classes that Build on Your Ability and Interest

Steve can fuel your love for jazz, blues, pop, rock, and other popular music styles. Once you have the basics under your belt, you can learn about chord progressions that enable you to accompany a singer on almost any song. Stick with the project and embrace the intricacies of music theory and see how the structure of music has grown over the centuries.

Sternberg Music Lessons is more than just a half-hour private music lesson once a week. Every student is encouraged to spend at least 30 minutes a day practicing to continue to expand their abilities. Click or call today to finally conquer that item on your bucket list.  Take advantage of Steve's offer of a free trial lesson!