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Live Piano Lessons for Children in person or via Skype and Zoom

Sternberg Music Lessons is offering not only in-person lessons but remote piano lessons for children with a live instructor. For the online lessons your child will need a keyboard, a device with a camera, and access to the internet. Steve Sternberg has been helping kids of all ages learn to play for nearly 40 years! Your child will learn at their own pace and expand their musical ability every week.

Research shows that students who learn music at an early age also improve in the most important and basic subjects: reading, science, and math. Support your child's overall education and growth when you register them for their first month of lessons today.

Initially the instrument and music basics are taught using a tried and true collection of instruction books; once your child is playing well and reading sheet music somewhat fluently, they can study the music styles that they love! Steve can help them explore jazz, blues, pop, and rock and roll. 

Steve accepts online payments in one-month blocks--so you are never locked into a semester or year of lessons.  Sign up for a free trial lesson!

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