Piano Lessons

Live Piano Lessons for Children via Skype and Zoom

This was the year that your child was supposed to start their musical education. You don't have to wait! Sternberg Music Lessons is now offering remote piano lessons for children with a live instructor. Your child will need a keyboard, computer with a camera, and access to the internet. Steve Sternberg is your instructor and has been helping kids of all ages learn to play for nearly 30 years! Just like in person, your child will learn at their own pace and expand their musical ability every week.

Keep them Learning with Piano Lessons in Your Living Room

When you sign them up for piano lessons, you aren't just registering for 30 minutes to an hour once a week with their teacher. It is recommended that students improve more consistently and quickly when they practice for half an hour each day of the week. Students that learn music at an early age statistically also improve in reading, science, and math. Support your child's overall education and growth when you register them for their first month of lessons today.

Working with Students from 5 to 95 and Beginners to Graduates

Steve Sternberg loves working with musicians of all ages. While the basics are taught using a tried and true collection of instruction books, once your child is playing and reading sheet music, they can explore the music styles that they love! Steve can help you explore jazz, blues, pop, and rock and roll. Maybe you are staying at home and want something challenging to fill your time. Steve is happy to help adults finally check "learn to play the piano" off your bucket list!

Click on the Contact page and fill out the easy form. Steve will give you a call and together you can come up with a lesson schedule that works for you and your child. Steve accepts online payments in one-month blocks--so you are never locked into a semester or year of lessons.  Sign up for a free trial lesson!