Saxophone Lessons

Learn Jazz, Blues, and Pop with Saxophone Lessons

Is your middle schooler itching to make some music? Plug into their love of jazz and pop music and sign them up for saxophone lessons at Sternberg Music Lessons. Your teacher, Steve Sternberg has been helping kids make the most of their innate abilities for nearly 30 years. Now, he brings his music studio straight to your living room using remote learning technologies. The one-on-one sessions are live and are tailored to your child's needs and abilities.

Private Music Instruction Focuses on Your Interests and Abilities

Many students that begin saxophone are usually at least age 10 or higher. Your child receives private music instruction that can start with note one, learning to read sheet music, and understand basic music structures. If they have been playing another instrument for a few years, their lessons can fast forward to more intricate theory while learning fingering positions, proper instrument care, and expanding their repertoire.

A Unique Goal for Your Student During Remote Learning

If this was the year that your child was supposed to join the band, but it has been postponed due to current conditions, they don't have to wait to pick up the saxophone. A private lesson runs from 30 to 60 minutes once a week. If they already have basic music ability under their belt, they can choose what kinds of songs or pieces they get to work on. Steve is here to support the growth of their musical talent and prepare them for joining the band next year.

Sternberg Music Lessons make it easy to get started with sax lessons. Simply click on the Contact page and Steve will get in touch to discuss schedules and how to set up your first remote private music lesson which is offered as a free trial!