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Augmenting your Middle or High Schoolers Band Class

Mr. Sternberg will help your child learn saxophone the best way possible with private instruction.  In the school band the player is unable to get from the band director that one-on-one attention needed to learn his or her instrument well.  Your child will excel above the rest quickly on the sax.  Sternberg can help the student prepare for auditions and competitions;  they will be in a position to achieve great success!  Once the student is adept on the sax Mr. Sternberg can branch out in the instruction into pop, jazz and/or classical depending on your child's interest.  Steve is here to support your child's musical talent for fast growth on the sax.

Adult Saxophone Lessons

Did you play the sax in middle &/or high school and haven't picked it up since?  Now is the time to satisfy that yearning to dust off that sax and sign up for private lessons with Sternberg Music Lessons.  Did you sell or give away your saxophone decades ago?  Steve can guide you to the store or website to rent or purchase a saxophone.  Use playing an instrument to take your mind off your cares from work and life in general.  We know how stressful things can get, especially these past 1 and 1/2 years.  Blow your blues away when you play the sax!  Take advantage of Sternberg's free trial lesson!

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