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Welcome to my teaching studio...

...... where I broadcast out my music instruction to the world.  Learn from the safety of your home with live one-on-one online lessons (not recorded videos).  I am offering a 17% discount on my usual lesson fees during these challenging times.


With 38 years of experience teaching private music students, 14 years of experience teaching children in K-12 schools, and 45 years as a professional performer, I bring something special to your or your child's music instruction.  Private online music lessons are offered on piano, harmonica and saxophone.  I teach classical, blues, boogie-woogie, rock, ragtime, pop, folk and jazz to all ages, 5-95 years old.  Chord theory and composition instruction is also available.  

Success in learning your instrument is a result of three things:  1)practice, 2)your ability and 3)a good instructor.  To hear what others are saying about that 3rd leg in the tripod of musical success please see the Testimonial page.

Serving North Florida music students since 1982

Piano Lessons

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508 Oakland Ave.

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Student on piano & teacher on harmonica duet