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    A spring and winter recital are held each year (these are included in the monthly lesson fees).  Students of all levels prepare 2-3 memorized pieces to play in front of an audience composed of family members and friends.  I am a firm believer in the benefit of recitals.  Students learn the skill of memorizing music, gain confidence performing in front of an audience and grow from the entire experience of preparation, performance and post-performance.  I believe recitals build character.  And it is good for the student to see and hear other students perform.   I help the student pick recital pieces from their lesson repertoire that they enjoy, can play well and also stretches them a little. Parents of my music students are always delighted with the recitals.  As the photos show, there is lots of variety showcasing all the talented students.   Some students play a duet with another student, or I may accompany on piano, congas, sax or harmonica a student performing their duet or solo piece .   The recital is a rewarding and fun experience for all concerned!

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