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At age 6, my son Nathan began taking piano lessons with Steve Sternberg. Over the next few years, Nathan continued his lessons and practiced his assignments, and he became an excellent piano player. My husband and I enjoyed the twice-a-year recitals featuring children and adult students of all skill levels. One of the highlights of each recital was when Mr. Sternberg played some popular tunes or his own compositions.  Nathan has performed for school and church activities and at retirement homes, and now that he is in college, he continues to play for others as often as he has the opportunity. His piano lessons with Mr. Sternberg provided him with a lifetime skill and a way to bring a smile to the faces of those who listen to him play.

    Laura Duey Morse


Before he left for college, our son Mark took piano lessons from Steve for many years , and we can't say enough wonderful things about Steve as a teacher.  He was very accommodating about our Mark's choice of music (which was a lot of jazz), and worked with him to record two CDs that we copied and gave to family and relatives for holidays. Steve encouraged Mark to participate in National Piano Guild for five years, and Mark was thrilled with the written responses from the judges.  We have recommended Steve to many parents over the years, and have confidence that other families will benefit as much as ours did.

     Steve is one of most patient, enthusiastic teachers on the planet, and we recommend him highly.

          Karen Oehme, faculty College of Social Work, and Nat Stern, faculty College of Law, both Florida State University

Steve Sternberg taught me everything I know about music. He's a brilliant musician and instructor who works closely with his students to help them develop their own styles and techniques. Steve served as my teacher for more than a decade and happily agreed to teach me jazz, blues, and ragtime, departing from the more traditional route of piano education. He always challenged me to push myself creatively, to take risks and improvise, to apply both musical theory and instinct to put my own spin on each song. I would urge anyone interested in piano to seize upon Steve's professional expertise. I am so lucky to call him a mentor and a friend.

     Mark Joseph Stern, Georgetown University '13 summa cum laude, Georgetown University Law Center '16

Music is an essential part of my life as a composer and a music major in college. Every day I am blessed to be surrounded by the music of others and to have the ability to share my music with the world, and it is my dream to continue to do so for the rest of my life. This passion for music that I possess all started with the piano lessons that I had with Steve Sternberg. Through these lessons I became proficient at playing piano in many different styles, capable of playing any type of music that my heart desired. However, these lessons taught me much more than just how to play the piano well. They taught me the joy that music can bring, the pure beauty that music conveys, and how I can express myself through the music I play. I attribute my love of music to Steve Sternberg because he teaches more than just the piano. He teaches music.    

        Brian Hanson, winner of the state-wide 2017 Henry Fillmore Composition Contest for high school                                          student composers, Graduate Music Ed., Florida State University, band director FSU School, Tallahassee, FL


Both of my daughters took piano lessons with Steve Sternberg during their middle and high school years.  As a teacher, Steve was thorough and patient, encouraging each to do her best and to practice regularly.  Each year, Steve prepared both girls for Piano Guild auditions, and they consistently received high marks.  Recitals were presented twice a year, giving each student a chance to demonstrate new skills in a supportive atmosphere.  We always enjoyed watching the students as they progressed, and got to know their families at the receptions afterwards.  My daughters learned a variety of musical styles, including classical, ragtime and jazz, and it was a pleasure to listen to them practice at home.  I highly recommend Steve as a piano teacher!

     Janet H.

As a former student who took piano lessons from Steve Sternberg through my high school and college years, I highly recommend him as a teacher. His dynamic teaching style helped me hone my musical skills and grow as a pianist. During our lessons, I learned how to play music from a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, blues, ragtime, and more. He helped me broaden my musical repertoire and challenged me to learn songs that were outside of my comfort zone, setting rigorous but achievable goals during our lessons each week. I also appreciated the performance opportunities that his lessons afforded me. I was able to perform at his biannual recitals for his students, which were a great opportunity to show off my hard work and to connect with other students and their families. I also had the chance to participate in Piano Guild for several years, memorizing songs and performing them before a judge. My lessons with Steve Sternberg helped me develop as a pianist and I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn from him!

     Emily H., Graduate student at the University of Tennessee

I was 53 years old when I walked into the Tallahassee Guitar Center and saw a pin-up sign for music lessons "Piano, Saxophone and Harmonica." I pulled one of the tabs and put it in my wallet. I was 55 years old when my daughter bought me a new wallet. While cleaning out my old one I saw the tab I had pulled two years before and decided to give the guy a call.  That was one of the best moves of my life (if you don't count finding my wife, having wonderful kids, going to law school or finding salvation).  Having grown up in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the heart of the Delta Blues, I wondered if Steve could help me become a respectable harmonica player.  The man is great.  Knows his stuff, detailed and disciplined. Took me through each step of harmonica basics through folk, country and blues and jazz.  In less than three years with Steve I went from almost no real knowledge or skill on the harp to playing several major festivals, events and other venues around the Big Bend.   Any adult who has learning an instrument on his or her bucket list would do well to call Steve.

       David C. Self II, lawyer, Associate General Counsel of Florida A  & M University

Mr. Sternberg has been my son's and daughter's piano teacher since September 2017.  There is a big difference in their ages and skill level (15 and 7) and he is able to effectively switch teaching techniques between the two of them.  He demonstrates patience mixed with positive encouragement to meet his high expectations.  I know when Mr. Sternberg feels that my daughter has mastered a musical piece.  He calls to me while I'm sitting in his waiting room and asks me to listen to the duet that they play together.  I almost always end up clapping.  He seems to genuinely care about the kids and whether or not they are learning the appropriate piano theory and playing styles culminating in a chance to demonstrate what they've learned through a scheduled piano recital.

     Amy C.

I highly recommend Steve as a piano teacher for your child or yourself. I took weekly lessons from him for 3 years, starting as an adult intermediate student and making steady progress. Steve worked with me to improve my technique, but more importantly, he understood that, as an adult student, I needed to be learning to play the kinds of music that gave me pleasure and would keep me practicing. Steve’s instructions for practice are always clear. You know exactly what to do to prepare for the next lesson. And Steve WILL know if you’ve been practicing! He prepares for lessons, too.

     In addition to my own lessons, I had the pleasure to hear Steve’s other students, from beginner to virtuoso, play at his twice a year recitals. When I say virtuoso I am not exaggerating. For example, the audience was awestruck by one of his students playing Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue from start to finish without music. That may tell you what you need to know about this young man’s talents and Steve’s teaching abilities. His students all seemed to share great enjoyment in what they were learning. 

     As I said at the start, if you are looking for a piano teacher to guide your child from beginner to who knows where, or for an adult of any age (did I mention I’m 68?), Steve Sternberg is #1 in my book. 

                                                           Patty Hood - Patty would be happy to answer any questions:

I would like to say how much Steve Sternberg helped me learn how to play the harmonica. He taught me from a beginner to winning a contest in just three short months. Steve has an incredible ability to teach others how to play both harmonica and piano.  I had never played harmonica and found him on the Internet;  he lived just a few short miles from my home. I began harmonica lessons with Steve twice a week  (sometimes once a week) and after only one month he encouraged me to participate in the Greater Southeastern Harmonica Championship at the Bradfordville Blues Club.  I was hesitant because I did not have the confidence that Steve had in me. Over time I realized that I definitely had learned a great deal in a short amount of time .  I then agreed to participate in the contest and wound up winning in my age division!  I owe it all to Steve for all that he taught me and and mostly for the confidence he had in me. I could not have done any of this without his instruction and ability to see the gift that I had.

Steve is an accomplished musician and I respect him greatly for his abilities to not only play but to teach others how to play musical instruments and enjoy what they are doing with complete confidence.

      Tanner Warwick, 2016 winner of the 2nd Greater Southeastern Harmonica Champinship, Junior Division

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