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Root Beer Rag Exc
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Benjamin, the now 9-year old developing virtuoso on the piano, continues performing at my shows at Westminster Oaks Retirement Village here in Tallahassee.  The seniors marvel at his skill and abilities.  And an adult student of mine, Louis, has joined the ranks of student-performers at Westminster Oaks.  A full-time IT director at FSU libraries, he never dreamed of performing on the piano to an audience!

The May recital this year was held at the same above-mentioned venue.  The students ranged in age from 7 to 74!  Aneacia, 7, demonstrated her growing skills with her 2nd recital.  Her mother dressed her up so darling in a musical-decorated dress!  My new sax student Graham played amazingly with a backing track (he'd attained an advanced level on his own before starting with me).  And Joshua proved he was a master composer and player with his piece "Sasha."  Duets were played by students paired together and by other students with me. The recital was thoroughly enjoyed by both the participants and the audience!  Recitals are such a good experience for student and audience alike.  Yours truly closed the event with a boogie-woogie.  The next recital is in December with holiday tunes galore, so stay tuned!

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