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Remote Saxophone Lessons
Remote Harmonica Lessons
The Harmonica Teacher in Florida
Online Piano Lessons

You may think the 3rd subtitle is a bold statement.  But I am the only harmonica teacher in Florida who has his own private website (not partnered with an online music teacher finding service) and teaches live lessons one on one, not instruction through videos!


Did you sign up for music lessons only to discover you just downloaded a bunch of recorded videos? You won't get that here, with one-on-one instruction online. If you don't feel comfortable with in-person lessons with Covid still around, if you or your child has special needs which prevent you/them from traveling to or being in a teaching studio, or if you live in another part of the world, remote learning via Skype or Zoom can meet your needs. 

 The student gets the same one-on-one attention online as they would in person.  Saxophone and harmonica lessons work very well being taught online.  Piano can also be taught virtually.  And remote teaching includes doing the in-person recitals also Zoomed!  Friends and family of the performers from all over the U.S. have keenly observed and listened as the students performed in person!

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