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Interactive Online Music Lessons 

Did you sign up for music lessons only to discover you just downloaded a bunch of recorded videos? Sternberg Music Lessons does it right with one-on-one instruction via Zoom or Skype. With Covid surging in many areas of the world, you can relax and learn an instrument from the safety of your home.  Some children or adults may have special needs which prevent them from traveling to or being in a teaching studio, and online lessons meet those needs. 


The student gets the same one-on-one attention online as they would in person.  Mr. Sternberg has proven that any of the three instruments, piano, sax or harmonica, can be successfully and thoroughly taught online.  And Sternberg has thus far held three virtual student recitals via Zoom.  The last one was the biggest with friends and family from all over the eastern U.S. coast keenly observing and listening as the students performed.

Do fill out the Contact Form or call/text Steve directly and find out about the free trial lesson offer!  For future lessons, payment is safe and secure via his webpage, PayPal or Zelle; you pay for just one month at a time.

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