Music Lessons

Interactive Online Music Lessons for Your Kids

Did you sign up for music lessons only to discover you just downloaded a bunch of recorded videos? Sternberg Music Lessons does it right with one-on-one instruction via Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. With our online music lessons, your child gets the personalized attention they need to truly improve their musical abilities. Steve Sternberg assesses the student's progress every week and will adjust assignments and his approach to ensure that your child has fun while expanding their musical education.

Music Lessons for Piano, Saxophone, and Harmonica

With nearly 30 years of experience providing private music lessons to students ages 5 on up, Steve focuses on his favorite instruments: the piano, harmonica, and saxophone. Your child can sign up for the class that sounds like the most fun to them. Steve can help you locate a suitable instrument they will need on which to practice and perform. Even if the band is not meeting at school this year, there is no reason for your child to stop exploring the fun of music.

Get Up to Speed on Reading Sheet Music, Theory, and Chord Progression

Sternberg Music Lessons do more than teach you to mimic the instructor and learn a single piece. Every student is taught to read printed sheet music on a staff. As they master the basics of their instrument, instruction can expand into chord theory and composition. Your child will have a better understanding of how music works, which improves their ability to perform in a wide range of groups as they progress.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the Contact Form on our website. Steve will get in touch with you to discuss scheduling availability and coordinate specifics for the first online music lesson which is offered as a free trial! For future lessons payment is safe and secure via his webpage and you pay for just one month at a time.